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Unlock Credit

Break the infinite loop of no loan and no credit history, Get your first formal Loan

Unlocking Credit Access

Get Insurance Coverage

Access 0% interest emergency fund

Qonect App
Access Credit
Build Credit

Empowering Financial Growth

At Qonect, we are dedicated to empowering individuals by providing access to credit building loans and financial assistance for medical emergencies. Our mission is to offer inclusive financial solutions for all.


What Qonect Offers

Qonect provides tailored loan solutions to meet your unique financial needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient borrowing experience.

Building Credit

Unlocking Access to Credit

Are you tired of being stuck in an infinite of no loan and no credit history? It's time to break it and get your formal loan. Build your credit score now

Insurance Coverage

Get insured and be Protected

Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses with our 30000 INR Hospicash insurance and stay protected with 100000 INR personal accident insurance. Get the coverage need today

Emergency Fund

Rs. 200000 INR
Emergency Funds

With our line of credit, you can access up to ₹ 200000 lakhs interest-free emergency fund. Be ready to cope with unexpected expenses and have peace of mind.

Instant Medical Loan

Instant Medical Loan

We understand that timely medical care is crucial, and that's why we offer access to credit to help you get the care you need. Without delay due to financial constraints 

First Time Credit

Designed for Financial Empowerment

Qonect App is designed to help you break free from this cycle and get the financial assistance you need. Let us help you take control of your finances and achieve your goals.

Unlock formal Credit

Get Insurance coverage

Access Emergency Fund

Trusted & Supported by:

Qonect is proud to be supported and trusted by India's top incubation centers and other ecosystem partners. We are committed to innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients, and we are grateful for the recognition and support we have received from our partners

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What Our Customers Say

“Qonect made it easy for me to access the credit building loan I needed to establish my credit history. Their support team was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.”

Mr. Lianlal,  Monglienphai

“I'm grateful for Qonect's quick response to my medical emergency fund request. They provided the funds I needed to cover my medical expenses, giving me peace of mind during a challenging time.”

Mrs. Khawllalnei, Leisang

“Qonect's personalized financial solutions helped me secure a loan for my timely medical care. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.”

Christina,      New Lamka

Discover Our Loan Options

Explore our flexible loan options designed to meet your financial needs. Get started on your journey towards financial empowerment today.

  • Best Value


    Unlock Credit and Get Insured
    Valid for 12 months
    • Credit Builder Loan
    • Rs. 30000 Hospicash Insurance
    • Rs. 100000 Accident Insurance
    • Rs. 200000 Emergency Fund
    • Insurance Claim Assistance

Experience the ultimate financial empowerment with Qonect's innovative loan solutions. Maximize your financial potential and achieve your goals with ease.

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