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Partner with us

become our Credit Builder Loan lending partners to enable access to JLGs/SHGs digital credit and strengthen the financial health of the vulnerable and underserved populations and help avoid a debt trap


Credit for Farming

Help farmers access credit and increase their production or other agri-based businesses.


Credit for Artisans & Weavers

Help artisans and weavers enable access to affordable credit to enhance their daily income


Credit for Livelihood

To help rural entrepreneurs access to credit to establish and grow businesses.

3in1 Impacts



Emergency Fund

improve financial resources & enhance incomes andaccess to affordable credit and avoid the debt trap and break the infinite loop of no credit without credit history but helps build credit history and improve future credit accessibility

Bundling Credit and Insurance makes the low-income less skeptical and including insurance with credit protects and reduces the risks of catastrophic health expenditures and substantial financial loss. 

Our medical emergency fund enables access to timely medical care and reduces the risks and consequences of delaying medical care such as more complicated surgeries, extended hospital stays, more medications, and higher costs


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the credit you offer helps low-income groups strengthen their financial stabilities, and financially prepare to cope with an emergencies 

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