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  • Q: What is TPS Qonect Privilege Card?
    A: TPS Qonect Privilege Card is a multipurpose card that offers exclusive deals and discounts for our privilege cardholders and other benefits such as EMI, Zero Interest Medical Emergency etc.
  • Q: What is 10-50% Coverage on Healthcare?
    A: 10-50% discounts offer by our healthcare merchant partners up to 50% maximum.
  • Q: What is TPS EMI Credit Limit 20000 QC
    A: TPS EMI Credit is like a CREDIT CARD provided by the company to it’s membership Cardholders.
  • Q: When can I use the EMI credit?
    A: TPS EMI Credit will be effective post your enrollment of 90 days.
  • Q: How does TPS EMI work?
    A: TPS EMI can be avail for purchase of Electronics Items, Home Appliances or Furniture, which has a manufacturing warranty of at least 1 year.
  • Q: Will I get no cost EMI?
    A: No cost EMI will be for a period of 3-6 months depending on the items and merchant. In case of offline, (local market) purchase there will not be no cost EMI.
  • Q: Can I swipe my card to avail TPS EMI?
    A: No, your membership card can’t be use to do any transactions, to avail the EMI you must inform TPS EMI department that you want to purchase (Example: Phone and the model number) then TPS EMI department will let you know the amount and your weekly/biweekly/monthly installment & ( interest if applicable ) payments details and the payments will be made by EMI Department directly to the merchant.
  • Q: How much credit can I avail at a time, Can I avail the entire credit limit?"
    A: TPS EMI cover only upto 50% of the cost of the item you wish to purchase. Example 1. You have 20000 Qc and you want to buy a phone that cost 10000 in that case you can avail 5000 Qc regardless of your credit limit TPS EMI will only cover 50% of the cost of the Item you want to purchase. Example 2. You want to purchase a laptop that cost Rs. 40000/- in that case you can avail the 20000Qc as it 50% of the cost. Example 3. You want to purchase phone that is of Rs. 60000/- TPS EMI will offer the 20000Qc and the rest Rs. 40000/- you will have to contribute it from your end.
  • Q: What is Doorstep ATM/Banking?
    A: Doorstep ATM/Banking is a chargeable services that can be avail by simply calling our toll free number and request. Our agent will come to your doorstep with micro ATM / AEPS device and you can withdraw, check your balance without going to your bank.
  • Q: What is Roadside Assistance?
    A: Roadside assistance is an help that will be provided to you when you have Car, Vehicle break-down, through 3rd Party our services partners.
  • Q: What is Xpress Free Car wash?
    A: Xpress Free Car wash Pre Rinse with just plain water that remove all the loose road grime.
  • Q: What Zero Interest Medical Emergency Fund?
    A: Zero Interest Medical Emergency Fund is of 45 days interest free loan, Post 45 days interest will be applicable 3% per annum or monthly as applicable.
  • Q: What is the maximum fund I can apply under Zero interest Medical Emergency Fund?
    A: You can apply a maximum of your EMI Credit. Example if your EMI Credit is 20000 Qc you can apply up to Rs. 20000. In case of Medical Emergency.
  • Q: Flat Rs. 500-1000 off on Flight ticket?
    A: The Discount will be apply on every flight ticket booking which must be book through TPS Travel agent and they can be reach at TPS toll free number.
  • Q: Doorstep Utility Bill Payments.
    A: Payment of electricity bill through TPS, If you can’t pay online you can simply call our customer support and we will sent our agent at your doorstep and recharge/pay your electricity bill.
  • Q: Free LPG home delivery?
    A: LPG Free home delivery will offer to TPS premium membership cardholders. Delivery charge will be free of cost however labor charge will be applicable Up to 50INR. You will be require to provide your LPG Gas Booking Book, and one empty cylinder
  • Q: 24/7 Free Doctors Consultation.
    A: Certified Doctors can be consult anytime through our collaborated partner site i.e 1MG.
  • Q: Up to 50% off on Healthcare devices, where can I buy it?"
    A: It can be purchase through TPS android mobile app or at and exclusive voucher code will be provided to members.
  • Q: 21-50% off + 5% cashback up to 100 INR?
    A: The minimum discount members will get is of 21% Discount plus 5% cash back a maximum 100INR
  • Q: What will I get in Rs.199 plan?
    You will only have access to discounts all across our merchant partners, no other benefits of features.
  • Q: How many beneficiaries can I add in 1499?
    A: You can add up to 5 beneficiaries including Primary Cardholders it can be maximum up to 6 members
  • Q: How much do I need to pay to add beneficiaries?
    A: There's no payment required for membership fees but you'll be require to pay Rs. 99 card printing cost per card.
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